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How to calculate money 24-hour unlimited money calculation methods


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Where did the problem occur? Can immediately consult with our quality team We have suggestions and answers for you always. Today we will take you to get to know The ball money calculation methods are as follows

Step ball bets at 500 baht

Odds and odds lists Multiply 3 pairs of water bill together 1.95 * 2.10 * 2.00 = 8.19
If fully entered, win all 3 pairs of odds, will receive 500 * 8.19 = 4,095 baht

Bet only 500 baht up to 4,095

Half Ball Step means that there must be one pair in the step that is losing half.

Step ball bets 500 baht

List Betting Odds Water odds Results

Considering that this match consumes half

Eating Full

Team C 0.0 2.00

Eat full

The method of calculating the price of half of the double ball is (1.95 * 2.10 * 2.00) / 2 = 4.095.

When multiplying with the bet amount = 500 * 4.095 = 2047.5 baht

A tie ball step means that there is one pair on the draw tie, all of which are wins.

For example, 3 step tie bets.

Step ball bets 500 baht
List Betting Odds Water odds Results

This match is considered to be full.

The method of calculating the tie ball price. This pair does not take the draw as 1.95 * 2.00 = 3.9

When multiplying with the bet amount = 500 * 3.9 = 1950 baht

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